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Gold & Platinum


Noble metal of ancient allure, a sign of power and wealth, gold has been used for centuries for personal adornment and revered as a precious commodity. And today, gold still imbues an air of luxury.

As a medium to create items of jewellery, 18 carat gold is a perfect alloy of the pure metal.

Made up of one quarter copper and three-quarters gold, the metal has ideal consistency and workable strength. It can be soldered or shaped with the goldsmith’s dexterity giving a clean finish.

White gold is made with the same proportions of gold but with the addition of one quarter palladium, a member of the platinum family.

The palladium is such a strong colouring agent that the new alloy looks white.


Platinum is the most noble of all metals, since it is used in pure form.

Platinum is much more durable than gold, so it is generally used for claw settings, or other component parts of jewellery that will experience high levels of wear.

The platinum family of precious metals also have great properties for high finish on jewellery. For example rhodium, which in solution will plate very well, gives a very white, bright finish to white gold pieces.