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Precious, personally sourced
& perfectly formed.

It’s hard to imagine that such perfect beauty is formed naturally in the world’s oceans.

At Eric N Smith, we source only the most perfectly formed pearls.

earingsThe layers of nacre develop into a smooth, hard surface coating the irritant and a pearl is born. In cultured pearls, a 4-5mm bead of native oyster shell is very carefully introduced as the irritant. The oyster is then returned to the sea and the grower steps back to allow the oyster to perform its miracle. With a growth rate of only 1 to 2mm every five years it can take some 50 to 60 years to form a 15mm pearl.

Yvonne is a specialist in South Sea and Tahitian pearls, which, unlike cultured or Akoya pearls, grow naturally in their shell, over 50 or 60 years, to achieve the 12 -15mm sizes that can be seen in our range of fine pearls. The large and natural pearls are traded in Kobe, Japan, where Yvonne buys the best of the harvest each year. Matching the perfect strand of South Seas can take a long time, and because they are rare by comparison command a much higher price ticket.