7 reasons to wear a watch in the digital age

14/05/2014 14:01:13
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With the time available to us on so many digital devices these days, why should you still wear a watch? 
Wearing a watch in The Digital Age may seem unnecessary with devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers all able to display the time.
Because of this rise in the popularity of technology, less people are wearing wristwatches than before. However, there are still at least 7 good reasons to wear a watch in The Digital Age. Find out more below. 

Watches are a great fashion accessory

A lot of men in particular go out on everyday and special occasions with a distinct lack of accessories. Whether you’re male or female, a good quality watch can really complement a particular look and add a touch of class.
The great thing about watches is they come in a selection of shapes, colours and sizes which make them a versatile fashion accessory for formal and informal occasions. If you haven’t worn a watch for a while, try again, they look and feel good. 

Watches say something about who you are

The watch you wear says a lot about you. A watch is so much more than just a dial that tells you the time. It can speak volumes about your character and how other people perceive you.
Whether you like fun, colourful fashion watches or those from more expensive, renowned brands such as Rolex and Chopard, watches are a statement as much as the clothes you wear or the car you drive. 

It’s easier to check the time on a watch than your mobile phone

If for example, you’re sitting in a reception area at an office waiting for a job interview, would you rather keep getting your mobile phone out of your pocket or just have a glance at your watch? There are loads of everyday examples where it’s easier to check the time on a watch than any other kind of device. 
Even if you’re sitting in front of a computer all day that displays the time, it’s good to glance away now and again to look at your watch so you’re not staring at the screen constantly. 

Watches are low maintenance

In years gone by watches didn’t really have much competition in the time-telling market, apart from maybe the speaking clock! Nowadays of course, things are different, but watches compare favourably with other technologies.
Most watches may only tell you the time and date, but in terms of maintenance they are an excellent investment. They don’t need to be charged on a regular basis and one battery can last for years without any problems or drop in performance.
Chopard watch

Longevity and value for money 

With technology moving at such a rapid rate, it doesn’t take long for today’s mobiles and tablets to become ‘old hat’ and be superseded by a new model or innovation. 
Traditional watches of course have less functions than modern day gadgets than can not only tell the time, but let you send emails, look at the web etc. However, if you invest in a quality watch, it will still be working years from now during which time, millions of phones, tablets etc will have been thrown away because they’re too old and slow. 

To carry on tradition

Watches can be passed down generations of the same family and take on great sentimental value. Wearing a watch that your Father or Grandmother wore for example, can help maintain that emotional connection when they’re no longer here. 
Even if you haven’t been given a watch from someone in your family, if they always wore a particular style or brand of watch, that’s a nice thing to continue with. 

Watches could become very popular again soon

Mobile technology is moving into the traditional watch market courtesy of ‘smart watches’. These fit on your wrist and partner with your phone to give you a range of features. 
For example, you can get an alert when your phone’s ringing, display data from a fitness app or pedometer, look for nearby restaurants, and of course see what time it is. 
If you’re concerned that it’s just ‘not cool’ to wear a watch at the moment, you may find a lot more people are soon. You don’t really need another piece of technology though do you? As far as we’re concerned ‘smart watches’ are the more traditional ones that look great, are reliable and last a long time. 


The craftsmanship that goes into making a great watch is incredible. In our opinion skills like these should never go out of fashion, no matter how advanced technology becomes.
A watch is a very personal item. You can take it with you anywhere in the world and always have it switched on. 
When you’re looking for a low maintenance, future-proof way to find out the time that will last for many years, you simply can’t beat a good quality watch. 
Alison Flemming
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