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The most luxurious stone,
the rarest of colours

How can a diamond become
even more precious?

The answer is in their formation.

From natural carbon, fire, pressure and gas forms the stunning white diamond crystal that entrances jewellery loves around the world.

However, in rare and specific conditions, yellow, pink or blue diamonds can be formed.
They do not occur as regularly as whites, so the market value of say a pink, can be hundreds of times the normal price. The famous Argyll Pinks from Australia have such a limited production that the entire harvest mined this year can be held in one hand, no stone bigger than 2 cts.

Eric has years of experience working with the world’s best diamond suppliers. This core relationship means that we can source the right diamond, in the right colour, at the right price…. no matter how rare the colour.

Our recent collection of natural yellows can be viewed in our company brochure, but most special coloured diamonds have to be sourced and selected specially for the client, who will often have a larger than average budget to spend on the rarest of precious diamonds on the market.

Eric is now a specialist in this field, simply ask in store for his help, and he can guide you through this exciting experience